Our Mission

Did you know that only 9% of the plastic we toss into the recycling bin actually gets recycled in North America? Crazy, right? So, what happens to the remaining 91%? Well, brace yourself – it often gets shipped off to underdeveloped countries that don't have the facilities to safely get rid of it. They either end up burning it (hello, toxic chemicals!) or, even worse, chucking it back into the ocean. Yup, that same ocean that eventually leads to our food and, you guessed it, our bodies. Microplastics are no joke – a recent study found that 80% of people have them in their blood, leading to all sorts of health issues.

As soon as I found out about that I realized we can't just sit around waiting for the recycling system to save the day. That's why I started 0WasteCleaning. Our mission? Providing you with zero waste alternatives to everyday products and encouraging you to make the switch. By doing this, we're stopping plastic from being created in the first place and steering clear of it ending up in the ocean or our bodies. And as a bonus, our concentrates take a mind-blowing 180 times less carbon to transport and store compared to regular household cleaners – the ultimate eco-friendly choice!

But that's not all. Our products are entirely plastic-free, packaged in compostable materials, and shipped in environmentally friendly craft paper envelopes. Plus, all ingredients are plant-based and biodegradable, ensuring that everything returns to the earth as nutrients rather than contributing to pollution.

To put things into perspective, here is an overview of our impact in the last year.

In 2022

  • We have saved over 500 000 paper towels from being produced and thrown away.

  • Over 5 000 plastic bottles saved from ending in landfill or the ocean.

  • Over 15 000 gallons of water saved.


"My journey as the founder of 0WasteCleaning started because of social media and it has changed my life. I am deeply grateful for your support and for believing in my mission. Together, we are building a better future." - Isamary, CEO and founder.

It's astonishing what social media can achieve nowadays. We leverage our social media platforms to inspire people to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle, creating a butterfly effect with immeasurable impact.

Do you want to be part of the solution?

Get your very own biodegradable and compostable products and start creating an impact.