Our Mission

2.5 billion non recyclable plastic bottles from household cleaners end up in landfill every YEAR. We want to promote sustainable development, combat both terrestrial pollution as well as ocean pollution. There is a rise of micro plastics. In fact, recent studies have found micro plastics in human blood. We still don't know the long term impacts on our health or earth's eco-system.

It is no secret that plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose and I am sure that we have all seen the videos of sea animals being trapped in some plastic wrapper. Plastic pollution touches us all in a way or another and we want to help eliminate it.

North America has one of the lowest recycling rates, only 9% of plastics that we toss in the recycling bin actually get recycled and the percentage of people that recycle is still very low. This means that the majority of plastics is not recyclable, most of it ends up in a landfill or in the ocean polluting the natural ressources and even the fish that we eat. This is why Zero Waste Cleaning only sells 100% biodegradable products.